Submit your Flora Connections data sheet

Step 1: Do the survey

Flora Connections surveys are recorded on paper. We recommend bringing a clipboard and using a dark pencil, because pencils can still write on damp paper.

Download a printable data sheet
(.PDF, 0.19 MB)

Full instructions for filling out a data sheet can be found in the complete guide (.PDF, 4 MB).

You can also print this completed example data sheet (.PDF, 0.26 MB) to refer to in the field.

Step 2: Upload the survey

Once your survey is complete, bring it back home and copy it into our online form. We collect data through BioCollect, which makes your surveys immediately accessible to scientists and government agencies.

Submit your survey here
Goes to

You will be asked to sign in with your Atlas of Living Australia account. If you don’t have one yet, you can make an ALA account here.

Or contribute quickly through iNaturalist

If you can’t do the full survey, you can add a quick two-question observation through the iNaturalist app on iPhone or Android instead.

Step 1. Install iNaturalist on your phone, and create an account with it or sign into your existing one.

Inaturalist on iOS

Inaturalist on Android

Step 2. Join the Flora Connections project.

Search for 'Flora Connections'.

Select the project and choose Join at the top of the page.

Step 3. Take a photo of a plant you want to submit.

You can take a photo in the field, or choose an existing photo in your album.

Open 'Projects' to answer Flora Connections' required fields.

Step 4. Answer our questions and Share the observation!

We want to know how many individuals you’re seeing at the site, and what disturbances have been happening, or will occur in the future. Disturbances include disease, herbivory, human impacts, feral animals, erosion, weeds, flood, drought, and fire.

Answer the questions, go back, and choose Share.